Health Conditions
Dirty electricty and its effects on our health are attracting more and more attention from medical and health professionals over recent years. Extensive research has been conducted and published on this topic in respected medical journals worldwide.

The body of empirical evidence confirming that the EMF exposure causes health problems and damages human cells is very strong. Children are more at risk than adults and many children are now showing signs of electrical sensitivities. People can react in a negative way to many types of electromagnetic energy, a great number of whom improve when they are in an electro-magnetically clean environment. Long-term exposure to electrical contaminates are known to have a variety of adverse health effects – some permanent.

Many conditions and diseases have been associated with exposure to dirty electricity, such as:

Chronic Fatigue

Multiple Sclerosis
Other Symptoms
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Recent research has uncovered an alarming increase in cancer rates amongst groups of people who are exposed to high frequency voltage transients and EMF pollution. Types of cancers observed have included, but are not limited to, melanoma, breast, uterus, and thyroid cancer, as well as childhood and adult leukemia. The relatively short latency time of melanoma and thyroid cancers suggest that these cancers might be more sensitive to the effects of high voltage transients than other manifestations of this disease.