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A Comparison between two Criminal Justice Careers: Private investigator and Police Detective

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Whenever you see a case like that of crime, you generally see two people working to achieve the same objective. A private investigator and a police officer both seem to have similar job responsibilities. Both struggle to collect evidence and find out the cause of misadventure. Then why these two

All to Know About Divorce Rates in Canada

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Are you wondering about having a divorce? If yes, then know about some information about it further. As per the latest data of Statistics Canada, about 38% of all the marriages finish in divorce with the rate of divorce peaking around 41% in the 1980s. As the overall divorce rate


Recent research has uncovered an alarming increase in cancer rates amongst groups of people who are exposed to high frequency voltage transients and EMF pollution. Types of cancers observed have included, but are not limited to, melanoma, breast, uterus, and thyroid cancer, as well as childhood and adult leukemia. The relatively short latency time of melanoma and thyroid cancers suggest that these cancers might be more sensitive to the effects of high voltage transients than other manifestations of this disease.