Multiple Sclerosis

EMF exposure has been linked to immune system dysfunction. Many of the symptoms of Electrical Hypersensitivity closely resemble the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves. Surrounding and protecting the nerve fibers of the CNS is a fatty tissue called myelin, which helps nerve fibers conduct electrical impulses.

In MS, myelin is lost in multiple areas, leaving scar tissue called sclerosis. These damaged areas are also known as plaques or lesions. Sometimes the nerve fiber itself is damaged or broken.

Myelin not only protects nerve fibers, but makes their job possible. When myelin or the nerve fiber is destroyed or damaged, the ability of the nerves to conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain is disrupted, and this produces the various symptoms of MS.

Electrical energy from outside the body disrupts the bodies own natural bioelectrical wiring and may contribute to the onset or increase the severity of MS-like symptoms.

Symptoms of Electrical Hypersensitivity include many MS-like symptoms including muscle weakness, muscle spasms, tremors, depression, fatigue, pain, vertigo, dizziness, numbness and tingling.

New groundbreaking research conducted by a Canadian scientist shows a strong link between MS and "dirty" electricity in the home:

Three individuals with mild to moderate cases of multiple sclerosis have noticed significant improvements in their symptoms after installation of the Graham/Stetzer filters. One 40-year old man, confined to a wheel chair, was able to run along the beach in Florida with his dog several months after the filters were installed. Two other individuals, one in a wheel chair and one who walked with a cane, were able to walk unsupported within one month of the filter installations. Of these individuals, a 33-year old female noticed improvement within 24 hours. Twelve filters, installed in her home, reduced the dirty power from an average of 170 to 33 GS units.

Her symptoms, prior to the filters being installed, included muscle weakness, muscle pain, difficulty walking, joint stiffness, and joint pain that were major to severe. She also experienced dizziness, restlessness, fatigue, excessive need to urinate, difficulty staying asleep at night and waking up in the morning. Within the first 24 hours she was able to walk around the house without a cane and was able to maintain her balance even when bending over. During the first week after the filters were installed she woke up fewer times during the night, had more energy, and experienced less dizziness.

Read Professor Havas' entire study:

"Preliminary Results are Absolutely Remarkable”

"People are experiencing better quality sleep and are enjoying higher energy levels during the day. Not only do the Graham-Stetzer filters help people who are electrically sensitive, they are having a positive impact on people with multiple sclerosis and diabetes. More specifically, results from pilot studies show that some people with MS who previously had difficulty walking or were dependent on canes are now walking unassisted and with reduced pain. Diabetics who had the filters installed in their homes have lower fasting blood sugar levels and require less insulin."

Dr. Magda Havas, Professor, Trent University, Environmental and Resource Studies Dept.

From The Globe and Mail's feature story "Does Power Corrupt?" March 28, 2006

In another test, she (Professor Havas) installed filters in the homes of people with multiple sclerosis, a disease that might be reactive to electricity because it is associated with poor sheathing on nerves. Brad Blumbergs, 29, says his MS improved so much last year that he could walk without shaking and could even run again. "It allows me to retire my cane," he said. "It hasn't cured me, but my symptoms are a percentage of what they used to be," Mr. Blumbergs said.

Read the entire Globe and Mail story

Here are a few of the many testimonials we receive from people suffering from MS and MS-like Symptoms:

From: Elise Brown
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007 12:25 PM
Subject: WE ARE AMAZED !!

Hello Kevin,

It has been a month since you completed our Home Survey and Risk Assessment Report and installed the Graham-Stetzer filters.  I want to let you know that the improvement in my personal health is absolutely amazing.  Having been suffering with symptoms for the past 7 years, I have now returned to my previous "normal" self !  Gone are the continuous head pressure, cognitive spaciness, dizziness, vertigo, headaches, exhaustion, muscle aches, neuropathy pains, nausea symptoms that the medical world was attributing to a Neurological Dysfunction believed to have been brought about by past migraine headaches.  I now feel alert, energized, and totally 're-born' now that I am free of constant nagging symptoms.  As you know my symptoms have been completely debilitating and have forced me to discontinue employment.  Family and friends have all noticed and commented "the old Elise in back" !!  What an incredible experience.  The underlying drone/hum in the house is gone and we have completed all of the suggestions that you put forth. 

My husband has also noticed many health benefits.  He has considerably less muscle and joint pain from his arthritis.  He is less fatigued, more energized, and has improved concentration.  Alan has also noticed that he is hearing things in and around the house that he rarely heard in the past, due to the removal of the 'house hum' that had previously been prevalent.  Both of us are sleeping better !  We both sleep for 7-8 hrs per night and it is a truly restful sleep.  We both wake before the alarm and are ready to start the day without any dragging feeling.  When our daughter visited she commented that the house is so much quieter than it was the last time she was here.  Just yesterday I was in an office environment for an hour, and developed a headache and head pressure.  Alan commented that it was probably due to me sitting under the fluorescent light and only one foot away from a CPU.  Within 30 minutes of being home, the symptoms were gone.  Home has truly become our "sanctuary"!

Thank you Kevin for your time and expertise.  EMF Solutions has CHANGED MY LIFE !!!  I am making referrals to friends, family and healthcare providers in hopes that others cease to suffer unnecessarily !!!!  Feel free to pass on our experience to others you come across and extend an invitation for them to contact us if they want to hear more.

Elise and Alan

Date: January 7, 2007
Name: Stephen Mark Hall
Age: 56 Years Old

Testimony and Background:

Diagnosed with Remitting-relapsing MS in 2001. Hospitalized at various times with severe symptoms.

On the morning of the 5th January 2007, at approximately 8am, I fitted 11 Graham-Stetzer Filters to various power outlets in my apartment. That afternoon, I left home and traveled to Crescent Head, northern NSW. During my stay my MS symptoms were starting to affect me, as the normal nutrition I use to combat symptoms of massive headaches, dizziness, pressure behind the eyes and painful extremities etc., was not helping me. I drove home (around 460 Kilometres) and picked up my normal nutrition supplements. Returning home, I worked on the computer till around 2am with no break. Normally this would leave me feeling very bad the next day with an increase in MS symptoms.

What happened next was amazing. I awoke around 8am, without any sickness or symptoms normal for me. That is, headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. It is now Sunday 7th January and I have no symptoms of MS that are anyway severe or debilitating. I drove back half-way to Crescent Head (250ks) this morning, and after a meeting turned around and drove 250ks home again with no ill feeling, or tiredness! Still no symptoms. I feel really wonderful for the first time in my life.

The only change I put it down to is fitting 11 GS Filters throughout the apartment. That’s it! I removed all neodymium magnets from my head, neck and wrist ( these were used to help quell the painful headaches,) and I am still symptom free.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Joe Karra of Perth W.A. for his help, encouragement and support. Patiently we waited for the filters to arrive in the New Year. After Joe told me how the filters work so subtly in the home and the atmosphere, working quietly and helping the healing process, I was a bit skeptical. After all I was diagnosed with severe remitting-relapsing MS in August 2001, and in September 2001 I nearly passed from this life during hospitalization. I have taken no pharmaceutical drugs, (Interferon’s etc.) But only cellular nutrition (Usana Essentials, Celtic Sea Salt, Transfer Factor Plus Immune System Booster, Tahitian Noni Juice and use Bio-Magnets of my own design and manufacture.) But what I have experienced this morning and through the day is totally nothing short of a miracle for me. Only a sick person knows how they feel, no other person can experience the pain, and the awful symptoms of sickness as the person suffering does. So when relief comes, only that person feels the joy of pain/sickness/disease relief.

It was because of Joe Karra and his unswerving faith and knowledge in the action of the GS Filters that helped me. I would really like to say “Thanks” to Dave Stetzer of Stetzer Electric Co, USA , for developing this product and Professor Graham who has put his name to the filters.

I give this healing testimony without any request from any person, but as a simple response to the mighty work of these filters in cleaning-up dirty electricity in our home. I can’t wait to see what other wonderful things will happen to us in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Thank You guys for the great things you have done. If man created the RF Sicknesses, one man has found the cure. This is greater than the discovery of penicillin or nay other so-called miracle vaccine!

Yours sincerely,

Stephen M. Hall

Published - Friday, December 29, 2006, La Crosse Tribune

On Dec. 12, 2006 my life changed. I had our house tested for electrical pollution(dirty electricity) and was amazed at the high readings. Several outlets had GS units of 1,900-plus, and all of the other electrical outlets tested had very high readings. Dave Stetzer states normal units should be 25 and under.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia more than 13 years ago, and my health insurance company has spent thousands of dollars in treatment for this condition. Treatment helped, but was only temporary. I was also becoming weaker and weaker.

When I contacted Stetzer about having our house tested, he indicated that I would notice a difference immediately. I was skeptical about such a bold statement. However, during the time our house was being tested and the filters installed, I suddenly realized I was going up and down stairs with no pain and the sharp pain in my back and legs was subsiding. When the filter installation was complete, we had reduced the readings in our house down to 10 to 11 GS units. Over the next few days, the muscle weakness subsided and I was feeling stronger each day.

Just as there are people who are allergic to bee stings and certain foods, there are also people who are allergic to electrical pollution. I want to thank Stetzer and Angela Olstad for their assistance and to the Tribune for publishing the article. I now feel "whole" again. This is a real health issue, and we need to be more proactive.

JEANA BRIGGS, La Crosse, Wisconsin

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