The customs and border patrol agents of United States had launched tear gas at migrants. If you are not living under a rock, the news must have reached to you. The chaos occurred at the border of San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, after people started to force their way across the border into the United States. The changing policy of the government is one of the reasons for this confusion among the migrants.

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As an experienced immigration lawyer Barrie, Ronen has faced similar situations many times. He explains the people are often escaping political or religious persecution at their native place. Even the slightest notion that they might have to return to their country to face violence makes them emotionally volatile. He thinks that, the recent squabble is a result of that overwhelming uncertainty.

Ronen explained that any immigrant can ask for asylum at the border of the country just by speaking to the border agent. The problem is that the border terminal can process only about 100 migrants per day. Though the process is slow, any person can be granted asylum if they can prove that there is a legitimate threat at their native place. An immigration lawyer Barrie can help them to give the verbal representation of the situation of their home country. The articulation of the situation is the prime factor for the grant of the asylum.

The language barrier at the border is also a reason for confusion, says Ronen. A large number of translators are needed at the border to help the asylum process. So what really happens at the border if you seek asylum. Below are the steps that any person has to go through while seeking asylum from countries such as the US.

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Lengthy Process

When any person arrives at the border of any country they initiate a very lengthy process. Immigration lawyer Barrie Ronen explained that sometimes the process can even take years to complete. During this period of time, the person has to stay at the detention centers run by the prison companies. They are interviewed by the federal agencies and at the end; they have to tell their stories in front of the judge who will grant the asylum to the person.


At the border and beyond that the asylum-seeking persons might face difficulties as the language barrier creates a problem for them. The agents often behave rudely to the asylum seekers and do not explain the rules to them properly. Finding a good immigration lawyer Barrie might become challenging for them, explains Ronen.

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Checking Documents

The border agents might want to check the documents before you enter the country. After one has crossed the border, the agents will take them to the temporary cell. There the agents are to interview the asylum seeking person. According to the international treaty that has been signed after the Holocaust, the interviewing officer must ask the person, whether they are afraid to return to their native country.

According to the immigration lawyer Barrie Ronen, the procedure is not meant to provide security to the asylum seekers. The laws, however, are changing to the favor of the distressed people who are seeking asylum. All countries should consider the fact that no one wants to go to an unknown place for the rest of their life. The politicians and administrators should understand the situation so that they can be a little humane to the distressed refugees.

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