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Immigration in Quebec might increase due to the new proposals, which are introduced by the government.

This implies that there will be tons of newcomers in Quebec and the level of immigration will rise drastically. The proposal of the government states that Friday will be the day for public hearings concerning immigration.

The immigration levels of Quebec between the years 2015-18 were around 52,000.

The CAQ put forward a short-term reduction in the levels of immigration as a promise to win the elections to put emphasis on the fact that the new-comers are not associating with the majority of the people who speak French. The proposals which were put forward by MIDI state that reduction was important to revamp the integration of the services and programs of the province. Furthermore, MIDI adds that the basis of these reforms is stable but the actual programs and policies for enactment and achievement of the goals are not in their place.

Proposals mentioned in the fresh document talks about:

  • Being in favor of giving a degree to foreign nationals and foreign workers in Quebec if they meet the labor market demands of the province.
  • Showing favor to talented applicants and providing them training and validating them offers of a job if they meet the labor market requirements instead of waiting to hire a native worker to get the work done.
  • Expediting the coming of immigrants of the middle class to provide quick responses to the labor needs of Quebec.
  • To support the efforts of the employers all over Quebec of recruiting short-term foreign workers and reducing the delays in work.
  • Promotion of selection of the people who have immigrated to Quebec and are very well aware of the values and democratic policies of Quebec.
  • Increasing the immigrants who are well versed in French in order to increase their access to the language training of the government.
  • Encouragement of long-lived immigration of youth to beat with the aging of the province and the population which is declining.

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The reforms of CAQ are stated as antithetical and unfair to the labor needs of the province. Moreover, some studies state that laws do not have any basis proof according to which they can be accepted as beneficial.

A move of CAQ dismissed the backlog of several applicants to the QSWP and was blocked by the province’s court. The laws and proposals of the document were not considered to be efficient.

For this reason, it is necessary for someone to raise voice in favor of the immigrants and fight for their rights. The immigration lawyer Toronto are concerned for the immigrants and help them with every single issue. They help the immigrants live a peaceful life and get equal opportunities as the native people. Also, the immigration lawyer Toronto help the immigrants to integrate with the society and to be a part of it.

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