Are you wondering about having a divorce? If yes, then know about some information about it further. As per the latest data of Statistics Canada, about 38% of all the marriages finish in divorce with the rate of divorce peaking around 41% in the 1980s. As the overall divorce rate has been got stable, there has been a stable increment in the divorce rate for three-year marriages. The rate of divorce is getting low as the length of the marriage getting higher. If you want a divorce, you can contact Lydia Moritz family lawyer for a free consultation.

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What is the average extension of marriage in Canada?

In Canada, the average tenure of marriages to extending remains stable around 14 years with 42% of the divorce cases taking place for marriages lasting between 10 and 24 years.

What is the most common divorce age in Canada?

The most common age of the people for divorce is 44.5 years of age for men and 41.9 years of age for women. The average age for an individual to get married is 30.2 years of age for men and 27.6 years of age for women. The average age for both divorce and marriage enhanced slightly since 2006.

Which occupation has the highest divorce rate?

There are no dependable statistics on the rate of divorce by profession in Canada. But, information from the United States exhibit that the professions with the highest rates of divorce involve bartenders, choreographers and dancers, service workers, gaming managers, and nurses.lydia moritz lawyer

How long you need to live separated prior to divorce in Canada?

Under the Divorce Act in Canada, you have to stay separated for one whole year to obtain a divorce. However, there are deviations in this rule. These deviations comprise if a husband/wife has treated his or her husband/wife with mental or physical cruelty that provides the ongoing cohabitation of the spouses intolerable or if a spouse is indulged in adultery. About 94% of every divorce in Canada take the benefit of the separation of one year as the reason for divorce.

What is the cost of divorce in Canada?

The price of a divorce in Canada differs depending on the complications of the divorce. If you and your spouse decide to have a divorce, that particular party can file for divorce on an uncontested basis. To get an uncontested divorce which matters associated to support, parenting, and division of property must be solved generally by way of a Separation Agreement. The national average cost for an uncontested divorce is approximately $1600 and the price of a contested divorce ranges from $7500 to 12500. If the divorce will continue to trial, the cost might vary dramatically. These fees do not constitute disbursements which are the costs of out of pocket. If you need any advice regarding this matter, you can feel free to contact Lydia Moritz family lawyer for a free consultation. It is better to contact Lydia Moritz family lawyer for a free consultation because she is one of the best family lawyers in Canada.

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